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Orfeo ed Euridice Opera Studio 2024

Highlights from our Opera Studio 2024, held at Teatro Miela (Trieste, Italy), from July 3rd-10th 2023


Professional indoor and outdoor photoshoots 

All participants took part in two professional photoshoots for their portfolios as part of our work on branding, career-development and marketing. These included headshots and publicity photos.


Report of the event on Italian television

Representatives from Italian broadcasting corporation RAI attended and  filmed part of the performance; excerpts were then broadcast in a report on the Opera Studio.


Press interview and marketing opportunities

The course concluded with a 1:1 interview with local press representatives for each participant, filmed both for broadcast and for participants' own marketing purposes.

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Twelve young artists in Trieste for Mozart's Don Giovanni 


The initiative was brought to life by OperUs Academy, an organisation born to cultivate and support classical music talent around the world.


A microcosm of the world on the stage of the Miela. The 12 young and talented operatic artists have come to Trieste from 9 different countries to stage Mozart's Don Giovanni. The initiative was brought to life by OperUs Academy, an organisation born to cultivate and support classical music talent around the world. The result is a performance of selected scenes - known as an Opera Studio - onstage in Trieste.


Fiorenza Badila Costantini, mezzo-soprano and Manager-Director of OperUs:  "It's a formative experience for this group of young artists who come from all over the world... It's important for them to rehearse and make their debut in a role."


The idea was born of similar projects they experienced abroad, in London and San Francisco; brought back to a city which, they say, has enormous potential.


The singers come from France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, but also from America, South Korea, Israel, Russia and Hong Kong.

"What language do you speak?"

"At the start we expected it to be English, but we later discovered they all also picked up Italian so quickly!"


Playing alongside them was the Orchestra Filarmonica del Teatro Verdi di Trieste. The young artists' debut came after a week of rehearsals and study. And, after all this effort, let us let the music speak for itself


 09/07/2023 Dario Ronzoni / RAI FVG

Faculty 2023

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Barbara Frittoli



Luca Pisaroni


2016-11-29 15.08.14.jpg

Antonella Costantini

Pianist & Music Director of OperUs


Romolo Gessi



Ilaria Zanetti

Character Development Coach

IMG_1195 2_edited.jpg

Fiorenza Badila

Manager Director of OperUs


Rachele Castellano

Italian Language Coach


Clips & interviews