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Orfeo ed Euridice Opera Studio

Trieste, June 24th - 30th 2024


Professional outdoor photoshoot

All participants at the opera studio participated in a professional photoshoot, receiving a set of beautiful new artist headshots for their portfolio.

Image by Paolo Chiabrando

Industry contacts & networking

Video of the final performances will be sent out to OperUs's industry links, including opera legends, theatres and agencies 


Music marketing & final press kit

The program included a press kit with articles and local media representatives were invited to report on the performance.

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This year OperUs welcomed 8 new young artists to Trieste for our Opera Studio 2024: Orfeo ed Euridice!

The goal of OperUs' opera studios is to nurture and support students and young professionals on the cusp of entering the industry, offering expert tuition and career strategy training alongside a professional standard of performance opportunities to begin building each artist's brand.

This year's opera studio once again represented a microcosm of the world on the stage of the Sala Luttazzi, with a new batch of young and talented operatic artists arriving from the USA, India, Turkey, South Korea, Norway, Australia and Croatia.​

After the success of last year's Opera Studio we were excited to be back this year with a fresh group of promising young artists! 

As well as individual and group classes on the music, performance and Italian language and phonetics, the attendees also received a series of career development and marketing training sessions designed to broach the challenges of entering the industry, such as signing with an agent and making informed repertoire choices, and help prepare each young artist's personal brand and marketing platform.


To this end they all also participated in a professional outdoor photoshoot, adding new material for their portfolios and marketing platforms such as social media.


Finally, the young artists made their debut in the Sala Luttazzi of Magazzino 26, Trieste as part of the festival Una Luce Sempre Accesa, and accompanied by pianist Francesca Clemente. The final performances were filmed to be sent both to the participants themselves and to OperUs' network of industry links including agents and theatres. 


Image by Arno Senoner

Trieste, Italy

Nestled on the Adriatic coast between Venice to the south and Slovenia and Croatia to the northeast, Trieste is a beautiful maritime city with a rich multicultural history and artistic life.

From its harmonious synthesis of Italian and Austrian architecture to its multiple theatres, concert halls, historic coffee roasteries and delicious cuisine, Trieste's welcoming atmosphere and sophisticated cultural offerings, as well as its long history as a cultural meeting point make it the perfect base for our opera studio, offering participants the opportunity of a European debut at the heart of the continent. 

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