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VITA by OperUs: your way to create through nature and self care

What is VITA?

Vita is a project born of OperUs' devotion to artists' wellbeing and the care they need to create day-to-day; whether they be a professional, a young person in training, or even an enthusiast looking to get involved in the world of music for the first time. Learning and practicing music and arts simultaneously cultivates one's personal wellbeing and an appreciation of the natural world. This is an often under-appreciated but vital aspect of our growth as individuals as well as artists. Therefore, this project aims to take holistic care of musicians, artists and performers while developing their sensibility to the beauty in the world around them; as well as offering a variety of training and services complementary to a full artistic and musical education and profession.

How does it work?

  • For regular lifestyle content and tips aimed at artists as well as the general public, follow us on Instagram!

  • To book one of our coachings, services, or private events and concerts, please contact the OperUs office at

What services are available?

Coachings (online and/or in person in Trieste, Italy) which can either be booked as a stand-alone session or in multiples include:

  • Personal image and branding consultancy for music professionals

  • Body positive fitness sessions for singers and instrumentalists with a specialist personal trainer

  • Nutritionist's consultation for performers

  • Bespoke photography services for singers and instrumentalists (download sample PDF)


Other services:


  • Private musical events and concerts

For further information or to book a coaching please contact our office at or by clicking the button below!

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